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Connecting and supporting athletes globally

Every athlete will go through some form of

transition post-retirement.

Retired athlete

Upon retirement from competitive sports, athletes find themselves outside the spotlight and the inner circle for the first time in their careers.

Even asking for help might be difficult, and there often isn’t anyone equipped to help them with the mental and emotional journey in the transition from sport into the game of life. This is often a time of silent struggle that goes on within, noticed or unnoticed, by the outside world.

Supporting athletes
transition into the

game of life.

A reboot member enters a community of like-minded people who understand this unique challenge.


The first step on the guided transition journey begins with a practitioner and mentor-led programme through a two-week cycle exploring personal motivational profiling, meet your mentor and a two part virtual workshop.


Reboot forums continue the journey into a connected network of like-minded former athletes from a variety of sporting codes. Forum members take part in a monthly meeting of forum-mates with guided discussion topics that are designed to be catalysts for evolving thoughts and actions around moving through transitions into the next stage of life.


Members will also have exclusive access to an exciting calendar of events that include an annual conference,

guest speakers, spousal engagements and retreats.

Retired athlete

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Connecting and supporting athletes globally


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