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 Since 2020 we’ve been working with athletes to find the best way to provide support and guidance to athletes, whether they are in the process of transitioning from professional sport, or they have already retired and are exploring new opportunities outside of sport. The key for us is to make it tangible, impactful and sustainable. 

Kyle Brown playing 2.jpg

Kyle Brown,
New Business & Account Executive at Price Forbes

I was definitely a sceptic when I was first introduced to the idea but I was also aware that my journey since leaving professional sport has been a confusing and lonely experience. The immediate benefit of joining Reboot, and more specifically our forum, was having a sense of belonging and realising that although all our journeys are unique the underlying difficulties aren't - I found comfort in this. The forum setup has provided the perfect space to deload on certain aspects of my life where only former athletes have particular insight, as well as the opportunity to create some incredibly meaningful relationships with likeminded people.


Adele Niemand,
Senior Medical Science Liaison

Retirement from professional sport is so hard, you immediately feel lost and without direction once you decide to give up a life that you have dedicated countless hours to.  Reboot provided me a platform to connect with like-minded individuals from diverse sporting backgrounds in a confidential safe space.  The value of Reboot lies in the format where I can once again share ideas, and get valuable feedback to implement in my everyday life.  The network that one can establish with forum members is invaluable.

GC (1).jpg

Gcobani Bobo,
Entrepreneur & Broadcaster

Sport gives you a chance and an opportunity to belong to a sanctum. Reboot shares those core values of belonging and has created that space outside of the game to help you navigate through the biggest game, the game of life.

Coach Rito (1).png

Rito Hlungwani,
Coach at DHL Stormers

Being involved with Reboot over the last year has been incredibly helpful to connect with other former athletes and have a forum for us to help one another navigate life outside of sport. I wish Reboot had been around when I stopped playing professionally, but as a coach I can see the incredible value it offers for players who are in the transition beyond the game and heading into the working world.

NB waterpolo.jpg

Nicola Barrett,
Senior Medical Science Liaison

Reboot has created a safe space for me to process my retirement from my sporting career with others who understand the difficulty, as well as build life long friendship with people who have taught me so much. It’s a feeling of belonging that was lost when I retired. I have a new team, and this one’s for life.

Sean Image (1).jpeg

Sean Roberts,
Sports and Commercial Agent

Reboot has fundamentally changed my life. Finally a safe space with like minded professionals with similar struggles and success stories. No judgement. Lifelong friendships made.


Sanani Mangisa,
Adidas Manager Brand Comms Africa

When athletes retire from international sports, we are faced with a lot of questions and having to redefine our identity in our next chapter of life. This period of transition is filled with a lot of unknown and new beginnings. One thing that has become apparent, no matter what sport you may have played, is that athletes all face similar challenges. The Reboot Forum has provided me with a safe space of former athletes navigating a new world together. A space where I have been able to be vulnerable with like-minded people and share our experiences of our new chapters. It’s not therapy but its therapeutic and a commitment I look forward to every month. We get to grow, share and laugh together as a group with people who understand us. Reboot Forum should be something that athletes join immediately after retirement.


Nic Groom,
Wynberg Boys Director of Sport

Reboot has given me the amazing opportunity to journey with fellow ex athletes as we all make sense of our lives after sport.I found moving away from pro sport quite lonely. Naturally in a team you spend so much time together and there is always someone to check in with, or download to. My reboot forum has become just that. In the business of normal life I have people ready to listen, support and laugh with and that’s a real privilege.


Lloyd Norris-Jones,

Transitioning from an international sports career is incredibly challenging. The moment you decide to step away from a life you've dedicated countless hours to, you often feel disoriented and lacking direction. However, Reboot has emerged as a lifeline for individuals like me, offering a platform to connect with like-minded individuals from diverse sporting backgrounds in a secure and confidential environment. The true value of Reboot lies in its format, allowing me to once again share ideas and receive valuable feedback that I can implement in my daily life. The network of connections I have established with fellow forum members through Reboot is truly priceless.


Tom Williams,
Business Development Manager, Skylark Creative

I was introduced to the team at Reboot by a former professional and friend. At the time my business was struggling and I was in flux as to the next step in my life. There were so many unknowns and honestly, I was in a pretty dark place, which included financial pressures, the conflict of family commitments and trying to keep my head above the water. 

Speaking to the team and being part of a group of like-minded, but also very different individuals, in my Forum really kept my focus on the things that I could - and couldn't - influence. 

I was able to take a step back and consider the wider impact of my status, my feelings and my behaviour allowed a clarity of vision and an element of control where there previously wasn't one. 

I would advise any athlete in the twilight of their careers to consider the impact of transition. Bravado and hard work will only get you so far in the process. To truly master transition one has to overcome the inability to be vulnerable. 

To do that in an environment where your fellow members are in a similar boat, who understand the pressures and the feelings of loss and inadequacy that we all experience, provides more insight and value that I have gained in the 9 years since I retired.


Tim Drummond,

Having been an active Reboot Forum member for over 6 months, I've had the immense privilege of engaging in the initiation course(enneagram test included) and monthly catch-up calls. With huge confidence, I can confirm that each interaction has been incredibly valuable to me. 

The Reboot organisation has masterfully curated a platform that unites individuals from diverse backgrounds, granting us the opportunity to connect and absorb priceless insights as we learn from one another's distinctive journeys.

My enthusiasm for this forum's success is incredibly high, fuelled by the truly inspiring development I've witnessed. The success of Reboot stands as a resounding testament to its role in filling the void for essential support during periods of transition, particularly within the realms of sports and business.

As a strong advocate for the value of such a community, I hold a hopeful outlook for the continued growth of this brilliant organisation. May it persist in its mission to empower all those treading the path of profound changes that life enjoys to throw our way.


Nicholas Fenton-Wells,
Senior Consultant Change - PAS at EY

What truly makes Reboot gold is its setup. It lets me get back into the groove of sharing thoughts, bouncing ideas around, and getting different insights that I can actually apply to my life. You can't put a price on that camaraderie and support. It's like having a team again, after leaving the game.

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