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How it works

Continual support, after sport.

The reboot membership takes place in 3 phases. Critically this is not a quick fix, but a continual transitional journey into life after pro sport.

Our approach

Step 1

Your Growth

The beginning of your transition journey

We start by helping you get comfortable in your personality. Your Reboot_ journey starts with a practitioner-led phase, which identifies key aspects of your personality and current state of mind by understanding how you’re coping and dealing with life after sport. In many ways the emotional impact can be likened to the grieving process. You have lost something, and recognising that is the key first step. Through enneagram and the wheel of life tools we allow you to understand, contemplate and release while understanding your personal philosophy and purpose.

Step 2

Your Team

Navigating transition together

The next steps involve joining a Forum. As a professional athlete, you were expected to have all the answers on the field and the fact is it’s impossible to have all the answers in your new life off of it. Through Forums constructed to connect you with complementary personality types from different types of professional sports, you will have the opportunity to work through your experience in a peer-to-peer learning environment thanks to our Reboot_ process.

Vulnerability may seem like an unknown concept to the professional athlete. It has never been encouraged or nurtured and this is a key next step in this peer-led phase. The realisation that you are not in this alone and are able to share with others in your position adds powerful impetus to the next phase of your transition. Speaking openly is key to reconnecting, not just with others but most importantly with yourself, empowering you to stimulate personal growth.

Step 3

Your Network

Finding success after sport

This phase requires regular participation in forums.
During this evolution your forum will drive each member to the top of their game, reigniting their power and driving the evolution of a new mindset and purpose. With the help of the peers in your forum you will share experiences and accountability.

This continual engagement alongside making the most out of our network opportunities and accelerator events will lead to deeper understanding, connectivity and support in your next phase. Just as your sports career progressed, this isn’t an overnight solution but an evolution. Attending and engaging regularly will unlock more levels of progression, naturally, confidentially and exponentially.

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