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The Transition Cycle

Step 1

Moving In

Approaching or anticipating the transition. Or maybe your transition was unanticipated. Preparation for retirement begins. The end date is in mind. Consideration may or may not have been given to a new career, relocation of living. There may be a level of excitement and relief moving forward and possibly a level of bitterness looking back. Your sense of identity is still strongly aligned to that of a professional athlete.

Step 2

Moving Through

Newly in retirement and beginning next cycle of life. This is the transition stage where realisation of transition sets in and a cycle of grief and loss unfolds. Whilst the practical steps have allowed you to transition, there is still the deeper requirement of letting go of your sense of IDENTITY as an athlete. This sense of loss is accompanied by the loss of familiar routines and way of being. Reconstructing your sense of identity is very important to moving through.

Step 3

Moving Out & On

A new sense of SELF IDENTITY emerges, integration of skills acquired through your sporting career. Memories, stories, reminiscing are an important part of this stage. But your identity is no longer reliant on that of a “former professional athlete"…(hangover identity). Your sense of purpose is aligned to the next cycle of your life.

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