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Membership Offering

Our 12 month membership experience will offer you access to an exclusive network of other athletes who understand the complexities and challenges of the transition experience. Reboot will support, connect and empower you to successfully navigate life outside sport.

How a Reboot_ membership
offering works

Upon becoming a member, a practitioner and mentor-led program activates the athlete's transition journey, starting with a 2-week process involving Enneagram profiling and a debrief with one of our practioners. Following this you’ll join your new team in a Forum Fundamentals Training session to better understand how to prepare, share and create accountability as a Forum.

The Forums provide the base of your Reboot experience, around this we will provide further learning opportunities and access to a global network of former athletes, advisors, mentors, and organisations who are deeply committed to supporting the community.​

Membership includes webinars and speakers, a network of advisors and mentors, business training, a spousal Forum, retreats, and an annual event.

Membership Overview



Onboarding and the start
of the learning journey.

Practitioner-led, activating
the learning process.

Tool: Enneagram Profiling Assessment



Practitioner-led,specialist support

Tool: Performance Coaches  & Mentors



Moderator-led,building sustainable growth

Tool: Reboot Forums



Practitioner-led,specialist support

Tool: Performance Coaches 

& Mentors


Peer-to-Peer learning
& support through Forums.

The Forum experience is by far the most powerful benefit of your Reboot Membership. This hand selected, sports agnostic group, led by a Reboot moderator, will provide a safe, trusted, and confidential environment for meaningful connection and support.

Forum engages all aspects of your life, from business, family dynamics, and personal development. For this reason, the Forum experience is a robust, well-facilitated monthly engagement that requires total commitment and dedication to your new team.

Moderators &
Practitioner team

A world class team to support your transition journey.

Reboot has been developed by athletes for athletes. Our moderators support our members with 1:1 access and guidance and are backed by our team of Reboot Practitioners who are fully qualified performance coaches and certified enneagram practitioners.


Every Forum is led by a Reboot moderators who guides and ensures an on-point forum experience.


A variety of learning labs, led by trained practitioners, industry leaders and education partners.

Our mission is to empower retired athletes with the tools, accountability, and community to successfully transition into the game of life.
Wherever you are in your transition journey, you face new challenges every day. Whether it’s determining how you’re going to reposition your brand, harness your transferable skills, reorient your physical and mental health routine, or starting up your own business. We want you to think about what you need next to thrive in the game of life. Learn from and connect with global experts, industry leaders, and robust educational content.


Month 1-3

Forming Phase

Meet the Reboot Team.

Complete your psychometric and debrief with one of our coaches

Meet your teammates and complete the Forums Fundamentals training

Month 4-6

Storming Phase

Moderator-led phase

Forums confidential environment unlock collective psychological safety

Utilising the Reboot tools to deep dive into challenges both as individuals and as a group


Month 7-9

Norming Stage

A variety of learning labs and Accelerators, led by trained practitioners, industry leaders and education partners


Month 10-12

Performing Stage

Networking Opportunities, Partner Events, and an opportunity to explore further development on Retreat

Membership Timeline


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